Satomi Hakken Den/JOHN O'BANION
You and I didn't see the evening fly
There was magic in the air
With times enough to spare
Now it's hours I have to say goodbye
Well you know I have to go
But still it hurts me so

*I don't want this night to end
Don't say goodbye
Just hold me close, my darling
I don't want this night to end
Pretend awhile and let's forget tomorrow (*)

Feeling blue I can see it in your eyes
But I've got a job to do
Got to see things through
But I will be near even when I am out of sight
Counting seconds till the day I'm coming home to stay

Oh my darling, love me tonight
And chase the morning shadow with your heavenly light
I find my strenth inside your arms
So love me tonight and keep my heart beside you
When you go, oh.......




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