Lamento─When the End
So near but so faraway you’ll forever be.
Locked within my heart, presence in the air ,the melody.
So far but so close we stay we shall never be.
Lost within our hearts,
the phantom star we both will see.

But when the end comes, will it take it all the away
Sweeping our memories, erasing time that we so much shared
When the end comes, everything fade away.

Don't let it come undone,
within our hearts let it stay, even when......

In darkness we seek for light though it may never be.
Someday we might find the sky we long so much to see.
Hopeless, we still can believe
tomorrow will find its way .
To the key of life the flame within us we believe .


Reach out, out towards the distant night.
Engrave the seed of life in our hearts
so deep that we dream of it.
Fear not, the future awaits us.
Even if fate shall take our soul,
we two shall unite as one.

But when the end comes,
(Hold in my arms and I will take all of your pain away.)
hold on our memories, rebuilding time that we so much will share.
The end comes,
we'll find each other bound by our soul only your pain can fade away.
Don't let it come undone, within our hearts, let it stay.
Even when...




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